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Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani Review - Meri Ankhon Mein

How people determine what is right, what is wrong, what morals are, how far one can go to reach their goals is completely subjective. It would be silly to think you can pinpoint every variable. For years, the concept of what is right and wrong with relationships has been depicted on film in what this writer calls an obviously biased approach. Relationships can be made or broken and reformed no matter your background, your upbringing, your educational capacity or even your emotional tolerance is. Or simply, to each their own. But, they are what they are and that is entertainment. Some appeal by making you think or feel, others make you dance and be alive. How does this all come back to Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani. Well, that's where the story comes in.

You see, there is a love story here. Its obvious from the promos. But thats not what this is about. Bunny (Ranbir Kapoor) wants to live. Every day. Every moment. And the world his destination. He's not the only one in his world of excitement, travel and wonder. But that is what he calls home. Some people are like Naina (Deepika Padukone), who scurry to finish their education to get a job but secretly wish for excitement to happen. What happens when they change paths. The first time? Naina finds fun, excitement, friendship, love and herself. The second time? Bunny regains lost loves, learns new lessons of life and finally let's go of his guilt. Neither is wrong. Neither is better off. Neither is the same after the interaction. Because that is what life is about. A decision you make from your own conviction at one stage of your life, may not be the right one for you later on in life. This doesn't mean that it was wrong to begin with. Just that the time and the people have changed.

Incredibly simple, but thought provoking. That seems to be the key to understand Ayan Mukherjee's Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani. Naina falls for the full of life Bunny but just as she was about to reveal whats in her heart, Bunny follows his to make his dream come true. Is she wrong in not saying how she feels? No. In fact, I personally have seen people walk away from relationships, be it friends or lovers or just family, because they didn't want to hold them back. Just like the dialogue, they are just different. It isn't the norm but this is what you can see happen in the house next door. Granted, they wont be wearing designer outfits nor have professional make up artist to look beautiful in every frame. But there are adults out there, who wish the loves long gone all the best and take away just the memories of good times.

Now not everyone will see a message first when you package this in a film with a vibrant Pritam's incredible OST, 4 incredibly beautiful people, who are supposed to be like you and me, then turn around and show epically spectacular scenery as if we all wake up next to the Swiss Alps. For that, Ayan would have to be excused of cinematic liberties. But can you deny that the little nuances in Ranbir's recap of his father's passing, or Deepika's exasperated "Ma" at the dinner table or even Aditya's outburst at Ranbir . Even Kalki jumping into the bromance hug between Ranbir and Aditya is something I have done innumerous times. No matter the trimmings and the actors capacity, the cast of YJHD is perfect for their respective character. Ayan makes you feel for them and believe them.

At the end of the show, even if you walk thinking its a time pass film with an awesome soundtrack, so be it. But after the glitz and glamour bore you, you might find yourself reminiscing. Who know, you might even end up opening your own mithai ke dabbe. 

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